SHALLOW GROUND. A song about the world situation right now
FREUD AND JUNG. Who are we underneath our fragile soul?


HEY HEY HEY. Celebrating life. Live your life on your own experiences and ideas

CHECK-IN. Going to the airport anytime soon? Prepare for the endless walk…

PEACEFUL STRANGERS. Who are Peaceful Strangers? Will they visit Earth?

IN PEACE. Stay true to who you are! Enjoy the surreal cartoon universe. Don’t forget to check out the T-shirts in the merchandise store!

CLOSER TO YOU (ext mix): Enjoy a looong synthesizer intro that builds up! The music video contains a reverse shot of “Evolution Wall 2”!

CLOSER TO YOU. We walk through life blinded by superficial values. Is it time for a change? From the EP: LISTEN TO THESE GUYS

CUFF MY SOUL. Lady ROSSO and Mr R are starring in this music video. From the EP: LISTEN TO THESE GUYS

LOVE OF YESTERDAY. The love we expressed yesterday – is no excuse for not showing it today. From the EP: LISTEN TO THESE GUYS

CHECK AND MATE. Dance Dance Dance. This is it. Four in the floor. Get up and move to this track being played on the sharp notes only. From the EP: LISTEN TO THESE GUYS